2022 Lent

Char Wyncoop, church family member of the Plano Methodist Church has been wanting to design a labyrinth based on the stained-glass windows at the church for some time. In late February and early March, she designed the labyrinth and then painted it during March into early April until its completion. The labyrinth measures 27’ x 27’ painted on canvas for easy portability and for people to actually walk the labyrinth. The labyrinth has a detailed background, scrollwork edges, a path for people to walk, and Bible verse images. Char designed this labyrinth by taking the beauty of the stained-glass windows, sense of peace and presence as we walk into our church, and the ability to transport the labyrinth to various settings. She feels it is inspirational and will give people a sense of relaxation and focus from their busy and hurried lives, something for people to think about their own life’s path, and the meaning of beauties and difficulties along the way. Char has put in over 120 hours designing and painting this labyrinth and using over 20 various colors of paint. People are invited to explore the path of this inspirational labyrinth on most Sunday mornings before and after the 10 a.m. Worship Service. The beautiful labyrinth lies on the church floor in front of the stained-glass window which it is designed from.

Char Wyncoop painting a scrollwork edge on the labyrinth at the United Methodist Church of Plano.

Labyrinth is designed after this stained glass window depicting a dove, scrollwork, images of Bible verses, and the pattern for walking. The labyrinth was still being painted when this picture was taken.