A Brief History

Methodism was brought to America by local lay preachers around 1760. It arrived in Kendall County in the early 19th century. Three preaching circuits overlapped in Kendall County and in 1845 the three circuits united into one called the Little Rock Circuit. On January 2, 1853, Rev. McCousland began laying plans for the erection of a church building in Plano. On that day Amer Cook, Sr. was the first subscriber with a gift of $400.00 to the new church project. They purchased land the present church stands on from Marcus and Ursula Steward for $200.00. The first church was finished in 1857. First members of this early church in Plano were Amer Cook, Sr., S.A. Tomblin, John Wheeler, J.F. and Elizabeth Yoss, Orrell and Louisa Green, George Rowley and Mrs. Hannah Morris. The original church building was moved in the summer of 1905 and on June 3, 1906 the present $18,000.00 structure was opened. The first parsonage built in 1866, was moved to allow the presently existing house to be built in 1960. The Educational Building was built and opened for use in June of 1969.
Due to the wearing of time, plans for restoration began in the mid 1980’s and in 1987, the beautiful stained-glass windows were restored. Throughout the years, work has continued to restore, maintain and improve this beautiful and historic church. In addition to the fellowship hall, the church has a large stage adjoining the sanctuary and a chair lift for access to the upper and lower levels of the building. Ongoing plans to further restore and develop our house of worship include the installation of handicap accessible facilities.
The United Methodist Church of Plano as of July 1, 2023, became Plano Methodist Church is known for the inspiring beauty of its classic stained-glass windows and the warm faithful community which gathers for worship, fellowship and outreach ministries. This is a house of prayer dedicated to the ministry of Jesus Christ with guidance from the Holy Spirit. Here may you find rest, forgiveness, strength, inspiration and joy. May you go forth from this place empowered by the Holy Spirit to love and serve God.